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The idea for the series first came from executive producer Joel Surnowwho initially had the idea of a TV show with 24 episodes in a season.

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The frequent use of ticking time bomb scenarios in storylines, as well as the main character, Jack Bauer portraying torture as normal, effective, acceptable and glamorous, [] [] [] was criticized by human rights activists, military officials, and experts in questioning and interrogation, [] [] with concerns raised that junior U. The issue of torture on the series was discussed by President Bill Clinton who stated that he does not feel there is a place in U.

He reportedly responded with a defense of Bauer, arguing that law enforcement officials deserve latitude in times of great crisis, and that no jury would convict Bauer in those types of situations. The use of torture and the negative portrayal of Muslims affected the decisions of some actors who intended to join the series. Janeane Garofalo , who portrayed Janis Gold on the series, initially turned down the role because of the way the series depicted torture, but later took up the role, saying that "being unemployed and being flattered that someone wanted to work with me outweighed my stance.

However, she took on the role as she felt that people would understand that the show was fiction. During an interview for his new television series Homeland , 24 executive producer Howard Gordon addressed the impact of the series, describing it as "stunning - everyone from Rush Limbaugh to Bill Clinton would talk about it, and we knew they were among our fans.

I guess when people used it as propaganda for their own ideas—you know, when Justice Scalia mentioned Jack Bauer—that would make me feel uncomfortable. There were just certain things that we needed to portray in order to make it feel thrilling—and real, even. When discussing his regrets, he referred to an advertisement for the show for its fourth season though mistakenly quoted it as an advertisement for the second season, saying "I actually do have regrets about one particular moment, which had more to do with the promotion of the show.

In season four, the story involved a Muslim American family, and the father and the mother—and the son—were party to a terror plot. It was sort of a purple conceit in a way. And I think our awareness of that changed the way we approached the series. So I guess you could call it a regret, but it was really an epiphany. After the series finale, the Los Angeles Times characterized the series as "an epic poem , with Jack Bauer in the role of Odysseus or Beowulf.

Which means he needed to be fighting monsters, not essentially decent people who have made one very bad decision. Seasonal rankings were based on average total viewers per episode of 24 on Fox. Beginning with its fourth season, 24 began its season in January and aired new episodes non-stop until May.

The series received 68 Emmy nominations, with 20 wins. Redemption and won in Redemption ; he won in , , and The series received twelve Golden Globe nominations with two wins. Redemption , winning in The series received ten Screen Actors Guild nominations with four wins.

Kiefer Sutherland was nominated in , , , , and , winning in and In , Empire magazine ranked 24 as the sixth greatest television show of all-time. The release of 24 on DVD had a significant impact on the success of the television series. It was the biggest show the BBC has ever had. A special edition of the first season was released on May 20, The new set includes a seventh disc of bonus features, while discs 1—6 contain all 24 episodes with deleted scenes, audio commentaries, and 5 extended episodes.

The set was packaged in a steel box. The television film The DVD contains the broadcast version as well as an extended version with optional audio commentary, a making-of featurette, child soldiers in Africa featurette, a season 6 recap, and the first 17 minutes of the season 7 premiere episode. The seventh season was the first season to be released on Blu-ray format. All eight seasons and Redemption are available for purchase or rental on iTunes , Amazon Video on Demand , and previously the Zune Marketplace.

In November , Anil Kapoor purchased the rights to 24 to make an Indian adaptation of the series. Kapoor, who played Omar Hassan in season eight of the original series, plays the lead role in the adaptation that is based on Jack Bauer , and also produces the series. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Joel Surnow Robert Cochran. Conspiracy The Rookie List of 24 episodes. List of 24 characters , List of 24 cast members , List of minor characters in 24 , and Minor government agents in List of 24 media.

Critical reaction to List of awards and nominations received by Powerful and involving, with characters who are more fully realized with each season, the show still has viewers on the edge of their seats, both riveted to the action and begging, pleading for a modicum of relief. Retrieved November 23, Retrieved May 13, Retrieved January 13, Retrieved May 16, Retrieved June 8, Retrieved April 7, Retrieved July 12, Archived from the original on June 23, Retrieved May 23, Retrieved May 22, The New York Times.

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The Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Archived from the original on July 5, Writers Guild of America. Retrieved July 29, Archived from the original on January 26, In this form the vertices of the cell can be given as follows: Viewed as quaternions , these are the unit Hurwitz quaternions.

Furthermore, the first 8 vertices are the vertices of a regular cell and the other 16 are the vertices of its dual, the tesseract. This gives a construction equivalent to cutting a tesseract into 8 cubic pyramids , and then attaching them to the facets of a second tesseract. This is equivalent to the dual of a rectified cell. The analogous construction in 3-space gives the rhombic dodecahedron which, however, is not regular. We can further divide the last 16 vertices into two groups: Each of these groups of 8 vertices also define a regular cell.

This shows that the vertices of the cell can be grouped into three disjoint sets of eight with each set defining a regular cell, and with the complement defining the dual tesseract. This also shows that the symmetries of the cell form a subgroup of index 3 of the symmetry group of the cell. The elements of a regular polytopes can be expressed in a configuration matrix.

Rows and columns reference vertices, edges, faces, and cells, with diagonal element their counts f-vectors. The nondiagonal elements represent the number of row elements are incident to the column element. The configurations for dual polytopes can be seen by rotating the matrix elements by degrees.

The 24 root vectors of the D 4 root system of the simple Lie group SO 8 form the vertices of a cell. The vertices can be seen in 3 hyperplanes , with the 6 vertices of an octahedron cell on each of the outer hyperplanes and 12 vertices of a cuboctahedron on a central hyperplane. These vertices, combined with the 8 vertices of the cell , represent the 32 root vectors of the B 4 and C 4 simple Lie groups.

The 48 vertices or strictly speaking their radius vectors of the union of the cell and its dual form the root system of type F 4. This is likewise true for the 24 vertices of its dual. The full symmetry group of the cell is the Weyl group of F 4 , which is generated by reflections through the hyperplanes orthogonal to the F 4 roots.

This is a solvable group of order The rotational symmetry group of the cell is of order When interpreted as the quaternions , the F 4 root lattice which is the integral span of the vertices of the cell is closed under multiplication and is therefore a ring. This is the ring of Hurwitz integral quaternions.

The vertices of the cell form the group of units i. The vertices of the cell are precisely the 24 Hurwitz quaternions with norm squared 1, and the vertices of the dual cell are those with norm squared 2. The D 4 root lattice is the dual of the F 4 and is given by the subring of Hurwitz quaternions with even norm squared.

Vertices of other convex regular 4-polytopes also form multiplicative groups of quaternions, but few of them generate a root lattice. The Voronoi cells of the D 4 root lattice are regular cells. The corresponding Voronoi tessellation gives a tessellation of 4-dimensional Euclidean space by regular cells.

The cells are centered at the D 4 lattice points Hurwitz quaternions with even norm squared while the vertices are at the F 4 lattice points with odd norm squared. Each cell of this tessellation has 24 neighbors. With each of these it shares an octahedron.

It also has 32 neighbors with which it shares only a single vertex. Eight cells meet at any given vertex in this tessellation. The unit balls inscribed in the cells of the above tessellation give rise to the densest lattice packing of hyperspheres in 4 dimensions.

The vertex configuration of the cell has also been shown to give the highest possible kissing number in 4 dimensions. The vertex-first parallel projection of the cell into 3-dimensional space has a rhombic dodecahedral envelope. Twelve of the 24 octahedral cells project in pairs onto six square dipyramids that meet at the center of the rhombic dodecahedron.

The remaining 12 octahedral cells project onto the 12 rhombic faces of the rhombic dodecahedron. The cell-first parallel projection of the cell into 3-dimensional space has a cuboctahedral envelope. Surrounding this central octahedron lie the projections of 16 other cells, having 8 pairs that each project to one of the 8 volumes lying between a triangular face of the central octahedron and the closest triangular face of the cuboctahedron.

The remaining 6 cells project onto the square faces of the cuboctahedron. This corresponds with the decomposition of the cuboctahedron into a regular octahedron and 8 irregular but equal octahedra, each of which is in the shape of the convex hull of a cube with two opposite vertices removed.

The edge-first parallel projection has an elongated hexagonal dipyramidal envelope, and the face-first parallel projection has a nonuniform hexagonal bi- antiprismic envelope. The vertex-first perspective projection of the cell into 3-dimensional space has a tetrakis hexahedral envelope. The layout of cells in this image is similar to the image under parallel projection.

The following sequence of images shows the structure of the cell-first perspective projection of the cell into 3 dimensions. The 4D viewpoint is placed at a distance of five times the vertex-center radius of the cell. Note that these images do not include cells which are facing away from the 4D viewpoint. Hence, only 9 cells are shown here.

On the far side of the cell are another 9 cells in an identical arrangement. The remaining 6 cells lie on the "equator" of the cell, and bridge the two sets of cells. There are two lower symmetry forms of the cell, derived as a rectified cell , with B 4 or [3,3,4] symmetry drawn bicolored with 8 and 16 octahedral cells. Lastly it can be constructed from D 4 or [3 1,1,1 ] symmetry, and drawn tricolored with 8 octahedra each.

The cell consists of 24 octahedral cells. For visualization purposes, it is convenient that the octahedron has opposing parallel faces a trait it shares with the cells of the tesseract and the cell. One can stack octahedrons face to face in a straight line bent in the 4th direction into a great circle with a circumference of 6 cells. The cell locations lend themselves to a hyperspherical description.

Pick an arbitrary cell and label it the " North Pole ". Eight great circle meridians two cells long radiate out in 3 dimensions, converging at the 3rd " South Pole " cell. See the table below. There is another related great circle in the cell, the dual of the one above.

A path that traverses 6 vertices solely along edges, resides in the dual of this polytope, which is itself since it is self dual.

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Примечание: Теги недоступны в Wiki, работающей в рамках модуля Социальная сеть. Теги добавляются при редактировании страницы. В Битрикс24 имеется собственная Википедия, а точнее База знаний (Wiki). Это специальный пункт в меню Групп, где очень удобно. Примеры по разработке и внедрению бизнес-процессов в Битрикс24, описание алгоритма действий, шаблоны. Энциклопедия Wiki от.

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