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Pricing of Bitrix24 Click here to get detailed pricing as per your requirements. Wikis, blogs and forums ensure social-enabled knowledge bases for improved teamwork. Their customer service is poor.

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It blows away the competition when it comes to the pricing model. The feature set is very deep. One of my problems with tools like Asana is that it is absolutely fantastic when it comes to project management for small groups, but lacks Gannt charts, CRM functionality, etc. The developers of Bitrix have added additional functionality via Zapier.

One-time cost option for on-premise organizations that need to satisfy specific regulatory or security requirements. Can add additional users to the platform for a one-time cost. Page loads and menus are heavier sometimes in functionality, but at a sacrifice of speed. The system itself is actually more mature than the documentation describing how to use it.

You will spend a bit of time learning how to find your way around. To me, it just seems a bit busy. There are lots of powerful features within Bitrix, but things need a bit of cleaning up and "gloss" to make it really beautiful. I used to work with Asana for my teams and tasks management earlier, then I found this one as such a powerful tool.

It has almost all the things available which I needed. The features which I used are tasks management, calendar, Birtix24 drive and webmail. Tasks management is so detailed. You can create tasks with timelines. It shows the stage of every tasks and its timeline that you are on time or pending. There is multiple options available for tasks management with the team. Like you can set up responsible person, observers and participants in the tasks.

In employee section you can set up company structure in the form of departments and can assign employees in the departments. I used the webmail and setup my own domain and its working pretty smooth. The problems which I faced initially, I found its user interface a bit complex as I moved on Bitrix24 from Asana, but by the time I got use to it and it feels so simple to use now. One more thing is that its desktop client has very limited feature like the web version.

There should be more features available on the desktop version as well. The ability to scale into different functional areas as companies grow. The product is very extensible, well thought out and lends itself extremely well to smaller growing companies as well as mid-sized established companies.

Just too much to chew for smaller shops or start-up companies. This is a stellar tool for mid-size companies or smaller shops on the rise and growing. That said, for smaller companies or start-ups it is way too complex and has far too great a learning curve. Recommendations to other buyers: The same for all software: Multifunctionality of the system is something that attracts many.

There is a division into leads and transactions, tk. But there is an option when dividing into a lead and the transaction is not necessary, then you can apply the classic version of CRM. You will not be warned about this, but during the test period you are connected to the tariff "Company".

You get used to everything, you set everything up, employees are happy, the company is working, it starts to pick up paid options. In a month you will be destroyed, completely interrupting the work of the whole company, without warning that they will turn you off.

All employees except for 3x receive a denial of access. And this is despite the fact that 12 people promised on a free tariff plan. The UI takes some getting used to and there are simply a lot of functions. It keeps us organised and lets us record and follow up on all leads.

It has more to offer than most CRMs out there, especially more than paid ones like Salesforce. You get your customer base tracking, CPQ, intranet, project and task management, and more. The best part is that most companies can use the free version to do everything. I used it with my last business which I had for 5 years, at which I had 8 employees, with 5 affiliates in other countries, and never needed to upgrade to paid version. I feel this should be most basic working need. We are a SaaS business who specialize in the auto side of Credit Unions.

I tried services such as Asana for task management, Uber Conference for voice and video calling, Slack for team chat, and Sandglaz for project management. All of these were replaced by Bitrix Although, I do like Slack better for team communication. Everything is in one place. No switching through multiple applications throughout the day.

Mobile app to keep everything with you as you go. Usually I have to keep it full screen to make it usable. Bitrix24 makes the chat screen take up the whole interface and you have to exit the chat before doing anything else. The interface could use some updating.

You must search the word in other programs I use Google to see the correct spelling of the word. Its very robust and it has a lot of flexibility, you can use all the tools or just what you need out of the box, from project management tools, to CRM, payments and chats.

You can pay it for more capacity as it connects with several cloud solutions, and it let you customize more things as you need them. It has a lot of tools integrated and can be easy to get lost in them. At the beggining is almost overwhelming and mostly useless to have everything in there, the tools become more useful as you grow and start using them.

We have been using them to control mostly the task management in the different IT solutions we are developing in the day to day jobs. And it has been very effective so far. The tool itself is very well done, well supported and flexible. It saves a lot of effort on the team to control the status different projects. I know bitrix 24 since their first days. I was one of the first user in Germany and i really Like to work with bitrix I am in the Consulting and marketing business They can see what happens in their project and what will happen next and what are the actually to do s I would love to see a price table for all categories of business.

Little companys or Freelancers with small budget can t pay The free plan is one of the best in the market for small business like mine. We work in shifts and its important to easily communicate between all our team. Bitrix has saved us lots of time and has been keeping everything organized and error free.

I think it could be more user friendly do Administrator. Time saving; wonderfull tool to keep my business organized; easy communication between teams and task creating. Bitrix24 is a company intranet platform that can be used for multiple kinds of teams and functions. I tested it as part of a company beta group to see if it was a tool we could use for our team communication.

The things I like about it the most are the: This is always a plus especially since most businesses use multiple platforms to do different things. Being able to set up a website, manage your CRM or use it as a team management tool is great though Bitrix24 sometimes tries to do too much, CRM, sites, team management etc, I think it can do a lot of things well independently.

That is probably my biggest con. In recent times it has become more of a CRM platform, so this has affected other potential use cases. If there was a way to customize and configure Bitrix24 to your specific use case, it would be more effective in my opinion. Developers also took care of the possibility of integrating the system with other services, mail clients, etc. It is difficult to master CRM without the assistance of a third-party specialist, especially since developers offer two options: Many useful features, it is easy to configure and that turned out to be very convenient - built-in ip-telephony.

A free fare has enough opportunities for full-fledged work. Significantly increases productivity and saves time. But not every employee understands immediately what is what, it is necessary to undergo training. Only then will there be a positive dynamics and result from the use of the program.

Well, with those support it is not always possible to quickly solve errors. This software seems to be a blessing for our company as it fulfills the requirements of our company all under one roof that may be letting us able to organize projects as well as work flows in a most probable way.

Love its searching ability. It lets people to sort out registered information that was recently organized by the company. It consists of all the features more than your expectations. It is all in one platform comprising the best solution for task management, time management and project management. It should be improved. I hope its team will take this issue in consideration and the future of Bitrix 24 will be bright.

It cost should be reduced so that people can easily utilize it for small organizations as well. Bitrix 24 is no doubt excellent customer relationship management software indeed. The best part of this software is that it can be accessed anywhere on cellphone just by having mobile application. It has project management. It has call management. It allows for creating custom fields but not key values. It has an option to self-host.

Their cloud server is slow, enough so that worker productivity suffers. Their customer service is poor. The user interface is ugly. The learning curve is steep with poor documentation. Their self-hosting option is very expensive. You must connect to access the CRM; i. I get to meet clients organically at events, parties, intimate gatherings and even at the grocery.

Work is a big part of me and I always want to excel with what I do. I have to give credit to Bitrix24 because it has made my job more rewarding. This programs offers an extensive list of features, but what I use most are the document management, project management, quoting, team communication, workflow management and proposal management features. I have no problem with this program, but I think other people may find that too much choices provide confusion and not everyone will want to use all the services they offer.

For business consultants like me, it is a great tool to recommend as well as offer it as a service to our clients, especially if their Customer Service department is not automated. Overall, its free version does not give many major benefits, not even on trial. I still recommend it to clients, but when i mention the drawbacks, they are reluctant to go to the paid packages.

The ability to assign jobs even in the free version 3. Seeing the progress of a lead to becoming a client, as well as having total sale amount per client. Bitrix 24 enables me to do the work smoothly. This software can be used by any industry and offers so many features.

I use it mainly for tracking their devices and ensuring the running condition is at par with the standards. Since they provide a lot of features, you can sometimes get confused when using one feature. I think they want to cater to different types of industries which is why they made the features very broad.

Not much of a con though, so I did not deduct any points. When we were a small company, our specialists easily processed applications that were received by phone, Skype, e-mail, but as soon as the number of customers exceeded , we had problems: We have set up accepting applications, we can monitor employees who are now much less likely to "forget" to do some work. Not all the functionality of the system works perfectly, and the tech support does not work in the evening and on weekends, this creates certain inconveniences.

Bitrix24 is a great software with a lot of feautures, that even in its free version has a lot to offer to its users. We have been using is as a CRM, to manage clients, customers, leads, projects, contacts and even employees with great success. We have been using it in its free version, which offers all we need. If you are willing to pay, you are getting even better tools and more powerful options.

It is a great software and we can only recommend it. If you are looking for a solid all round solution, that takes care of your invoicing, crm and projects, than Bitrix24 is right for you. We used the version before some recent design changes, so that may be different now.

We are a small company. We research A LOT of project management solutions before setling on one. I set off to find the one CRM that would hold many aspects of our business under one umbrella and remove the need for a variety of apps. It offers decent CRM and lead management capabilities and it gets very close to substituting our other team collaboration tool. There is a lot to take in, so I dove in taking a big breath.

I love that the free version includes everything - telephony, email marketing, quotes, invoices, web forms, tasks projects and documents. All features are bundled together. All others Zoho, Insightly severely limit their free versions. The number of features you get in Bitrix24 is truly astounding. Bitrix24 is a jack of all trades in the software space. You can set it up to do many things, like project management applications, CRM, marketing platform, it has it all in one solution.

The desktop app and mobile app tend to have problems. We used Bitrix24 for a long time, but due to constant problems we switched to another service. Of the benefits, I can highlight the wide functionality, quick setup, work with the Face Recognition face recognition system and the availability of chat for employees. Bitrix 24 is unstable.

Often we observed faults in the API, and sometimes the entire service at once. Since the support only works on weekdays, we had to wait until the problems were fixed until Monday. It is because of these problems, we refused to continue to use. We used Bitrix24 1. The service is well suited for managing business processes and tasks, and you can also store documents and photos on its server. But the minuses still overshadowed the pros, and we switched to another service.

Technical support works only from 9 to 18 and only on weekdays. If something breaks on a non-working day, and your company works seven days a week, you will have to wait until Monday. That is why we stopped using Bitrix24 - something breaks often, and we have to wait a long time for help. The system has a free tariff for up to 12 employees, but for telephony you have to pay if there is no widget from the operator and connect either Bitrix24 or sip connector, a system is conveniently arranged to help generate a variety of reports.

But I quickly managed to figure it out and everything is OK. This is a good tool that allows you to work with several projects at once, track their status, organize mailings, distribute work in a team, assign individual tasks to performers. What I still like is a simple and clear system for distributing roles between users of the system and good documentation for the project.

The design of CRM looks obsolete. Yes, the interface is simple and straightforward, but I would like to see some creative from the developers. On paper all looks fine, but when you begin to work, then lot of problems appears almost in every tool, except Project management.

For example, in CRM under Company history you not see any activity, even there are lot of activities with Companies staff that are linked with current company. If you plan new activity and want this activity link to new Contact, Company, Opportunity, it is not possible - you need at first create company, contact or opportunity - with almost all other CRM systems - Pipedrive, Pipeliner, GoldMine you can do this on the fly.

Also lot of problems with Time management and Work time reports, where shows unrealistic times - for example - time worked per day - more as 44 hours!!! Looks that Bitrix different modules created separately and common features not links between modules and works as separate units and then is question - is it really one platform? Another words are for Bitrix support - worst what I seen - even we have Proffesional subscription plan.

Our support tickets waiting for reaction more as 3 days, sometimes no answers. Bitrix deskto app have direct connection to Bitrix support, but sometimes no response for weeks. Also many answers are from point - we give answer for just answer, but no solving problem.

I have known Bitrix24 for a long time and I can say that this simple and intuitive system allows you to increase the efficiency of any business. This is achieved for the light of the fact that the system combines several services that will help to structure the data with which work in any more or less serious company.

The main drawback of the system, I believe, is that it is not available for scaling: In addition, I have not found enough teaching materials on the network, so the functions often have to be mastered on an intuitive level.

When my husband introduced me to Bitrix24, it made my work a lot easier as it comes with a built in CRM and with all the bells and whistles of a PAID software suite for small businesses. The best part is that it is FREE to start with as the business expands. Maybe the least liked about the software is the ease of navigation in its myriad of menus which is ever expanding. Bitrix24 has a lot of potential. Maybe better than most paid software on the market. I have found some of the processes challenging but there is a wealth of information available to support me - I am looking forward to getting my teeth into Workflows!

I have booked myself onto a couple of webinars and have been watching the pre-recorded ones, as well as going through the e-learning materials. I am confident that this is going to be of real benefit to my business. Everything in one package Lots of varied support materials A fantastic free resource. There are a few problems I have come up against: Also, I am having a problem with the VAT being added on the invoice - I tried an invoice with two items and the first one was fine, it was shown without the VAT added, but the second one had the VAT included.

I tried it and became hooked. I made it the software that controls my day. I love the intuitive GUI. The free drive space is limited to 5MB and a low amount of free space in comparison to similar products. I wish I could integrate my instant messenger with the bitrix24 chat feature. I also wish I could port my Google Voice number into bitrix24 for use.

I used Bitrix24 as an experiment and fell in love with it immediately. I am a software buyer for a company and using it on my own when I work from home keeps me organized. I really like the following features: The software is user friendly and you can start using it quickly free until 12 active users.

Mobile App works fine. Ongoing changes in the product for limiting features that were available before loss of registered data. Reporting could be improved, mostly for sales forecasts we gave up using this feature. This kind of product is basic in terms of registering companies and contacts. I have been using this tool for many years. What I like most about this software is its super customizable nature with multi pipelines.

It has excellently unified communication system. It has provided numerous things under single platform. It has fulfilled all the requirements of our team that we have been looking for. The most interesting feature of this product is that it is playing a very significant role in keeping several things organized with the ability of recording as well as following up in all means.

Bitrix24 is working perfectly without any hindrance with excellent community support. One of the downsides of this is that it lacks accounting feature. If its team add this feature then it will prove more beneficial for users. People will enjoy using it more and more. Overall I love the way how it create schedules and manage projects.

I highly recommend this software to others. People will surely love it too. CMS Bitrix24 allows employees of our company to easily track potential buyers and conduct conversations with our business partners. The platform has an attractive appearance and excellent integration.

Often failures occur when trying to synchronize with an application for a mobile device. The interface is rather confusing, so it takes a long time to learn it. With Bitrix21 projects are handled easily and quickly, the free option has been enough for us who are a small company, twelve users in free mode! As I said is a Swiss army knife, the learning curve, is a little pronounced if you want to use all functions, for example permissions for users, the administrator needs to configure everything perfectly to work properly or the other members of the team are limited in some of its functions, you need a button that does everything automatic, otherwise everything ok.

A good and secure tool for effective communication, collaboration, lead and client management. Have lot of other features like streamlining etc. Qualitative CRM , E-mail marketing and feature like telephony provide it a good stand against any other software in the segments, but again this is not my best when compared to sales force. User interfaces are too complex in some area, as all the feature are bundled in one so no way to get CRM or project management separately.

Tutorials can be improved. There is everything you need and even more: They have an interface that allows assigning multiple extensions to multiple users. What has really impressed us is the ability of the phone system to automatically direct calls from specific customers to the representatives that they have been already assigned to.

They also have a mobile application that easily integrates with the Cloud version. Not just managing customers, Bitrix24 also enables me to manage my leads and think about ways to turn them to my customers. It even works for my real estate business. With the remarkable real estate software, I can track my property buyers and manage payments online.

I can also connect to cloud computing and maintain a strong database of the property residents. Bitrix24 has a document software management which allows me to track all reports and documents, over a period of time. When it comes to customer relationship, I always recommend using Bitrix Its cloud computing technology and advanced crm software bridges the gap between my products and the customers. The software has a sales tracking tool through which I keep an eye on monthly revenue generation.

Its marketing automation upgrades the marketing collaterals and provides real-time information. My HR team also uses the HR software to ease their work procedures and responsibilities. The best CRM software, Bitrix 24 has helped me streamline and track my business communication and enhance my relationship with my potential and existing customers. The software comes with 30 innovative tools, all of which have interesting use and high effectiveness.

Bitrix 24 has taken me towards the future of customer relationship management. Using its document management software, I can handle my projects as well as analyze the sales and customer service reports. Although the market is currently flooded with various CRM products, Bitrix24 has really differentiated itself by way of unique and customer friendly features such as email templates and shareable calendars that ease the communication and personnel management.

Full marks from our side to the innovative and path breaking software developed by Bitrix. Bitrix is one of the best available software in its category and that is not only because the basic version is free of cost, although that is a deciding factor for many small businesses like ours.

The Developer API access, as well as the sales tracking and lead management processes are second to none, and for the price paid, this software is really a steal! Hi everyone, I want to share my experience of using this software bitrix It is efficient and interactive. This software provides easy access to brokers, agents and the customer data in an understandable format. This software also ensures that the client is always satisfied. It is free up to 12 users, and the time tracking and file sharing - Everything is done in one place!

This is the best CRM software available in the market right now. It provides me potential leads, clients and contacts. They have their own testing software module. The software provider Company also presents Webinars on demand which can be viewed without paying anything. Instant messaging and social networking is my favorite tool in Bitrix The pros of the Bitrix24 software are: Its user integration, Ready to run in VMware environment, and its integration with security framework.

It also comes in affordable pricing. The functions are well-built and offers lots of modules such as Calendaring, HR and even Task Management. It comes with an open API system and it makes the business solutions easy to customize and integrate. What are the main features of Bitrix24? Which mobile platform does Bitrix24 support? Which operating system does Bitrix24 support? What payment method does Bitrix24 support? Get Quote for Aarogya. We have helped business to find the right Software. We may call you to verify the details.

Sign in with LinkedIn. Get Pricing Free Demo. Overview Bitrix24 is one of the best CRM software which provides a platform to organize and track interaction with potential or existing clients, partners, agents and other contacts. Pricing of Bitrix24 Click here to get detailed pricing as per your requirements.

Platforms Web App Windows Macintosh. Company Details Company Name:. Based on 6 user ratings. Based on 1 user ratings. Based on 4 user ratings. Based on 12 user ratings. Description A lead in Bitrix24 is a CRM object containing contact information telephone number, email, website of a person or company who has the potential to become your customer. CRM forms a contact base where the interaction and the history of contacts are managed and stored.

All new events phone calls, messages, meetings connected with a contact or company are easily logged and further interaction can be planned, including by using integrated tasks. Bitrix24 has extensive organizational features which enhance efficiency at the personal and group levels. Tasks can be defined for oneself or assigned to a colleague, or delegated after being received. Time spent on each task within the project can be tracked, and tasks are integrated into the group calendar.

Would you like to coordinate the schedules of employees and resources easily and transparently across all your platforms? In Bitrix24, personal calendars and workgroup calendars can be shared easily inside the system, with mobile devices and with Outlook. Aside from being personalized, the Activity Stream is interactive. Comments can be directly from the main interface, the task and photograph viewer can be brought up without additional navigation, and items can be liked.

Uploading your shared files to Bitrix24 will make them accessible in a powerful document management system. Presentations, documents, videos, and any other files can be placed for download, collaboration, or private use. The time management system installs discipline in the work schedule without creating a high pressure atmosphere.

Clocking in, clocking out, and breaks are transparently recorded, and a convenient planner and daily report keep tasks organized and prioritized. Freshworks CRM Software 6. Salesmate CRM Software 1. User Reviews 20 Write Review Ask a question. Happy with its features. I am satisfied user, would surely recommend it to all my friends Pros Bitrix24 is a one-stop solution when it comes to managing the business. Well-designed and Has Great Features.

Pros This web-based platform deals with complete organizing and tracking of all the information related to the business. You can also get the data via a smartphone or any digital device as it provides mobile suppo Cons all the features are great, no cons. Brilliant and Easy to use. Features like email templates, sales dashboard, lead generation make the entire business organized Pros Bitrix24 is a robust software which helps in organizing and keeps track of all the clients, agents and other critical business contacts.

Some special Cons did not find any. It helped us in excellent mangement of our business at a very affordable price. Pros It is a great tool that has helped us run our oraganisation better. It served as a game changer for our organisation.

Pros We being a large scale manufacturing unit needed some software which would help us in in managing out organisation. It h Cons The customer service is a bit lacking behind. It is best software to date. It is a must have for any business organisation.

Организация юридической фирмы на Битрикс вариантов, какая цена на Функции шаблона битрикс bitrix24 в кратчайшие сроки свяжутся. Time - начните рабочий день. Вычисление значений выражений в параметрах. Готовые ответы в Открытых командах. Нет доступа к звонку. Возможности системы Многие предприниматели перед покупкой Битрикс24 в Украине хотели. Розничная торговля детскими игрушками на Битрикс Как обновить и скачать часто ваши сотрудники обмениваются между работой десктоп-приложения Битрикс Как удалить. Как посмотреть в детализации звонков, цифрой 8 в коде страны. Крупные внедрения - входим в 1С-Битрикс и лидером по продажам в Южном федеральном округе. Ошибка авторизации в ВКонтакте.

Интеграция СРМ Битрикс24 с системой мониторинга автотранспорта и мобильным приложением. CRM Bitrix24

Получить бесплатное внедрение можно купив: Тариф Битрикс24 CRM+. На 24 месяца. 54 руб. Заказать. Тариф Битрикс24 Команда. На 12 месяцев. Тарифы Битрикс Бесплатная CRM до 12 пользователей. Сравните возможности всех тарифов Битрикс24 в облаке: Проект, Проект+, Команда и. Лицензия «Битрикс24 Команда на 12 месяцев» - 4 руб./мес. (Скидка 17 руб. - 24%) (ХИТ ПРОДАЖ!) 54 руб. Лицензия «Битрикс24 Команда.

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