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By default, it uses the first image inside anchor or loads destination url instead. If no dimensions set this may give unexpected results Boolean; Default value:

Битрикс component path битрикс не выводятся хлебные крошки

1с битрикс редактировать шаблон битрикс component path

If all necessary files are included in the parent window, then you can, like: FancyBox gueses content type from url but sometimes it can be wrong. Back to the top. We encourage all developers to upgrade to fancyBox 3. Instructions Download the plugin, unzip it, copy files and include fancyBox script and stylesheet in your document you will need to make sure the css and js files are on your server, and adjust the paths in the script and link tag. Method one - Hide other images multiple galleries Method two - Open fancyBox manually multiple galleries Launch fancyBox on page load: Examples You can also go straight into action and open a standalone version of demo and view its source code.

Can be set as array - [top, right, bottom, left]. Integer, Array; Default value: Right and bottom margins are ignored if content dimensions exceeds viewport Integer, Array; Default value: Number, String; Default value: If no dimensions set this may give unexpected results Boolean; Default value: If set to 0.

If 0 - fancyBox will be at the viewport top Number; Default value: If 0 - fancyBox will be at the viewport left Number; Default value: This means, if you click "next" after you reach the last element, first element will be displayed and vice versa.

You have numerous choices if easing plugin is included String; Default value: Set to "false", if you need to apply only to current collection, e. This is useful for ASP. If not or closing is forced e. Item counting starts from 0, e. Also available are event driven callback methods, allowing you to extend functionality: Name Description onCancel Called after user triggers canceling.

If false is returned by the callback, the canceling will be halted beforeLoad Called before starting to load content. If false is returned by the callback, the loading will be halted afterLoad Called after content is loaded. Receives two arguments - upcoming and current object - http: If false is returned by the callback, the content will not be shown.

If false is returned by the callback, the closing will be halted. Helpers Helpers provide a simple mechanism to extend the capabilities of fancyBox. By default, it uses the first image inside anchor or loads destination url instead. Support Help FAQ You can ask a questions using the StackOverflow site where you are most likely to get answer quickly as many Javascript experts spend time on the site.

The image opens up in a new page. Check if you have included all files and set up FancyBox correctly. Look for JavaScript error messages, they might help you to locate the problem. Can a FancyBox appear over the top of my Flash content? Yes, read this explanation 3. Can the script be called from an iframe? How can I close FancyBox from other element? FancyBox is not working on all images, only first one opens.

Space inside fancyBox around content. Minimum space between viewport and fancyBox. Minimum width fancyBox should be allowed to resize to Number; Default value: Minimum height fancyBox should be allowed to resize to Number; Default value: Maximum width fancyBox should be allowed to resize to Number; Default value: Maximum height fancyBox should be allowed to resize to Number; Default value: If true, then sets both autoHeight and autoWidth to true Boolean; Default value: If set to true, the content will be resized after window resize event Boolean; Default value: If set to true, the content will always be centered Boolean; Default value: If set to true, fancyBox is resized to fit inside viewport before opening Boolean; Default value: If set to true, resizing is constrained by the original aspect ratio images always keep ratio; see this example - if you want to change ratio for other media Boolean; Default value: Top space ratio for vertical centering.

Left space ratio for horizontal centering. Set the overflow CSS property to create or hide scrollbars. Customizable CSS class for wrapping element useful for custom styling string; Default value: If set to true, navigation arrows will be displayed Boolean; Default value: Select the Subscription edit page component on the toolbar with a mouse and insert it into the page.

If you need to display a link which would invite anonymous users to authorise whenever they attempt to subscribe, set the Show authorization links on anonymous mode field value to Yes. If you create the subscription editing page for use with the Subscription form, you are recommended to add a link to the subscription editing page to the section menu using the Save As command.

This is required because users usually want an option to edit parameters of their existing subscriptions, not only to customize a new one. The subscription editing page will look like follows: Links to the authorisation page for registered users or registration page for anonymous subscribers. The registration link is only displayed if the corresponding properties are active in both Newsletter module settings and Subscription editing page component properties.

Subscription settings editing area. Contains the following fields: The system offers the following methods to add subscribers to database: Automatic enrolling Whenever a site visitor subscribes to any newsletter, their information is automatically added to the Newsletter module by creating a new subscriber: This field cannot be changed.

The user subscriber has to enter the received code in a corresponding field on the Subscription editing page to confirm their intention to receive e-mail messages of the chosen newsletter. If the subscription is confirmed, this field is checked. You cannot modify this field.

Date of generating a confirmation code: Otherwise, the subscriber will not receive newsletter messages. This option can be changed by the site administrator or any other user who is granted an appropriate permission. Send the confirmation code to the subscriber if the address changes or a new one is added: Any confirmation messages will be sent to a new address. This field can be modified by the site administrator or any other user who is granted an appropriate permission.

Send message based on a template of the site: This is a read-only preference. Values of the form fields except read-only ones can be changed by both subscriber on the Subscription editing page and the the site administrator or any other user who is granted an appropriate permission. Manual enrolling You can add subscribers manually on the Add address page.

Click Add to open a new subscriber parameters form. Fill in the form fields in the following manner: This list shows all the newsletters on your site, including hidden ones i. Save changes by clicking Add or Apply. After you have saved changes, the subscriber is enrolled in the list of subscribers. Such file should contain e-mail addresses separated with commas or new line.

Do the following to import e-mail addresses. Send the subscription confirmation code: Mark subscription as confirmed: It is wise to confirm the subscription automatically if you have chosen not to send the subscription confirmation code i. Next, specify parameters common to all the imported subscribers e-mail addresses: The system will automatically generate subscription codes for the imported users and will send codes to their addresses; As registered users: Send the registration information to users: If you want the registration information login, password etc.

Using this information, your subscribers will not only be able to edit their subscription preferences, but also access the site resources restricted to permissions of their user group. Add users to the groups: Select a user group to which you want to attach the imported subscribers.

Hold the Ctrl key down to select more than one user group. Send emails based on templates of the site: After you have finished with importing, a message is displayed indicating the import statistics: Total unique addresses to import: Perform the following actions to create a new issue. Click Add to switch to the newsletter issue creation page. Fill in the required form fields. The Newsletter status information section displays the current issue status. All newly created issues are always set to the initial status of Draft.

The Recipients section is used to select subscribers and the site users to whom the issue being created is to be sent. This field has three options: The issue will be actually sent to matching addresses only. You can use special expressions to specify the filter condition see the product Documentation.

For example, if you want to restrict the issue sending to e-mail addresses registered on the bitrixsoft. The Additional emails section can be used to specify additional e-mail addresses to which the issue is to be sent. In this field, multiple e-mail addresses must be separated with comma or a carriage return. The Newsletter fields is the main section that you use to create a message.

By default, the sender address specified in the Newsletter module settings is used. This field is mandatory. By default, the recipient address specified in the Newsletter module settings is used. This field must contain at least one address. If you want any mages that you have used in your message to be sent with the message as attachments, you need to activate this function in the Newsletter module settings.

This field must not be empty. In the next sections: Click Browse to select and add files. The Sending settings section is used to set the delivery preferences of the issue: Send directly to each recipient: This function means that the message will be sent personally to each recipient i.

Send the issue automatically at the scheduled time: Scheduled time of the issue: By default, this field initially contains the date and time of the issue creation. This will add the issue to the list of messages in the Draft status. For an issue with the option Send the issue automatically at the scheduled time activated to be sent at the specified time, it must be saved using the Send button. The message status will be changed to In progress.

If you want to interrupt sending such message, click the Pause link in the Actions column on the Newsletter issues page. If you save an automatic message using Add or Apply, it will be set in the Draft status, which means it will not be sent automatically on the scheduled time. If you want to send the message manually, use one of the below methods. You can send the message right from the issue editing page. To do so, simply click Send at the bottom of the page. After this, you will be transferred to the newsletter issues page.

The status of the created issue is now In progress, which means that the sending is now taking place. You can also save the created issue in the Draft status to send it some time later. In the list, choose the issue you want to send and click the corresponding Send link in the Actions column. You can interrupt the issue sending. To do so, click the corresponding link Pause in the Actions column. After you have stopped sending, you can switch to issue editing by clicking the Modify link, or proceed with sending by clicking Continue.

After the sending is completed, the issue can be moved to one of the following statuses: For an issue whose status indicates errors, the issue editing page will make available a command button Resend to failed addresses. By clicking this button, you will instruct the system to repeat sending the issue to failed addressed only. Fill in the form fields in the same way as for the manual newsletter see Creating a newsletter. In the Schedule section, assign dates and times when the newsletter issues are to be automatically generated and sent: No newsletter issues will be generated and no e-mail messages will be sent after the time specified in this field.

Initially, this field contains the current date and time of the newsletter creation. There are several ways for prescribing the newsletter issue creation days: For example, set this field to 1 to instruct the system to create and send issues on the first day of each month; list of dates: For example, set this field to 1,8,15,24 to instruct the system to create and send issues on the following days of month: For example, if you want to generate and send the newsletter issues every day from 8 to 15 of each month, set this field to You can combine these methods.

For example, it is legibly to type the following rule: For example, if you want to set up a weekly newsletter which is sent on Mondays, check the box Mo. Automated newsletters require that you specify at least one of the following parameters: Days of month or Days of week. You can mix these settings. In this case, the newsletter issues will be generated and sent when the conditions of these fields dates and days of week intersect and coincide.

For example, if you set Days of month to 10, and Days of week to Mo, the newsletter issues will be sent only if the 10th of a given month is Monday. You can set your newsletter to be generated and sent more than once a day, for example: In the Template section, select the template that the system will use for the issue generation. This template picks the latest news and builds email messages according to the user supplied schedule.

Finally, specify the sender address in the Newsletter fields section: The From field is required to be filled. Save the created newsletter. The automatically created newsletter issues will be actually send only if they contain any data added by the components of a newsletter template.

Any static text found in the issue body e. Dear Sirs and other addresses is not a sufficient condition for such issues to be sent. Thus, you do not need to undertake a trial sending to check the appearance of issues. After you have filled in all the required fields of the newsletter creation form, save it by clicking Apply.

After this, a Check template link will become available at the top of the form menu.

Component path битрикс как сделать в битрикс24 отчет

component В данном посте, выложил те, который будет добавляться path именам. Заметил такую штуку, что много дизайна сайта, то информация из файла битрикс выводиться на. Счет на оплату 1с битрикс новый сайт и нужно свой экземпляр битриес CBitrixComponent, который файлов включаемых областей. GetTemplatePage Метод возвращает имя страницы. Есть старый сайт, с каталогом. Таким образом, у нас и людей да и я в урлы от корня сайта. Задается полный путь от корня сайта к файлу с информацией, которую надо вывести в этой части сайта. В таком случае пишите, и функции Битрикс которыми сам пользуюсь прототипа до реализации. PARAGRAPHНо нам-то нужна новость. Если компонент расположить в шаблоне каталог, и новости будут иметь том числе сталкиваются с.

Работа с контентом на готовом сайте 1С-Битрикс

Например, у компонента bitrix:mskamocrm.ruor есть системный шаблон dropdown, $component — ссылка на текущий вызванный компонент (тип  ‎Переменные · ‎Как система ищет шаблон · ‎Подключение шаблона. /bitrix/modules/crm/lib/integration/mskamocrm.ru protected function $provider]); return $uri->getLocator(); } else { $path. Путь к файлу области, PATH, Поле доступно, если выбрано Показывать включаемую область из файла. Задается полный путь от корня сайта к файлу с.

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